This time last year, Tyson was working on a holiday project for Warner Brothers.  He was commissioned to create some promotional art for the movie “Christmas Vacation”.  Not only was it a huge honor to get to work on such a fun campaign, but it was personally very exciting since this movie is one of our family favorites!

And now that Christmas is once again upon us, we are starting to see the art come out on seasonal merchandise.  It started when we spotted the T-shirt in the most recent Target ad.

Christmas Vacation Shirt

When Tyson does artwork for this type of promotional project, he never knows exactly how it is going to be used.  He was thrilled to see how they designed the shirt with the illustrated car on it; the color and print look amazing.

Shirt - Detail

We also heard that there are ornaments on the market too.  We found this mini set also at Target.

Griswold Mini Ornaments

However, my favorite find is this ornament that looks like a family crest.  The execution of it is brilliant.  They used the artwork of the family car and placed it on a faux wood block with carved squirrels.  There’s something about it that is very Griswold-esque!

Griswold Ornament

I was just telling a friend that it would be so great to own the glass moose mugs that they drink eggnog from in the movie.  And then, this week I found them at Urban Outfitters.  However, I never dreamed that they would be packaged in Tyson’s artwork.

In addition to the full landscape and light border, Tyson recreated the Griswold home…

Front Box

… the advent doorway and infamous squirrel and smoking santa…

Back Box

… Santa and his sleigh…

Box Top

… the station wagon with the Griswold Family Tree…

Side Box 1

… and of course, Eddie’s RV.  Now don’t go falling in love with it!

Side Box 2

Warner Brothers also used the illustration of the Griswold car to create line art for a holiday mug.

Griswold Mug

There still are a few other illustrations that Tyson did that we have yet to find. However, we would love to hear if you come across one of these items or something else when you are doing your holiday shopping.  You just never know what might turn up.

Please note that we were in no way compensated for this blog post.  Also, we do not receive any of the proceeds from the purchase of this merchandise.  Actually buying any of the products mentioned should be to “get yourself something REAL nice” and not to support our studio. Thanks!

Over the last few years, with the surge in smart phones, Tyson has had the opportunity to be involved in some design and development of apps.  It’s such a new playing field and he has enjoyed the challenge of trying to figure out the best way to present content and design graphics for some of his clients that are using this new technology.

So last spring when he was asked to create a series of characters for a new service app. he was definitely up for the project.

ClubLocal is an app to help you find services in your local area.  Their mascot is this adorable owl that Tyson designed and has continued to stage in services they provide.

Looking for a Handyman?  They’ve got an owl for that.

What about an Electrician?

Or Pressure Washing?  They’ve got an owl for that too.

Needing to have your pool or spa serviced?

Or gutters cleaned?

You get the idea…

You can book your service and get help from pre-screened professionals at an average of 20% below market prices.  Their goal is a seamless service of finding qualified people, to provide help at a reasonable cost with 100% satisfaction.  They even strive to have a two hour appointment window so you’re not stuck waiting all day.

Currently, ClubLocal is only available in their test market of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. However, we are hoping that we can take advantage of the app. in the Northwest soon.  It seems like a well thought out business model and it’s always exciting to have the art that Tyson creates associated with a great product.

**Disclaimer: Just for the record, Tyson gets no compensation from the purchase or use of this app.  He just designed the little owl guy and wanted to share this latest project with you.

A Spooktacular 2012

The weather has been gross and gloomy in the Pacific Northwest; perfect for Halloween, but not ideal for a trip to the pumpkin patch.  However, the Mangelsdorf’s don’t let a little thing like rain get in the way of a fun family tradition. (More on that here.) So this past weekend, we headed out to pick up pumpkins for our annual carving event.

Once we were back at the house, the creativity got under way.

These guys take their carving very seriously and put in a lot of detail work.

Okay… maybe they don’t take it THAT seriously.

For his contribution, Tyson paid homage to BattleStar Gallactica.


And the rest of the offerings for 2012 were pretty great too.

I still can’t get over all the crazy ideas they come up with each year.

Here’s wishing you all a very festive and fun Halloween.  Cheers!

Design Week PDX

This week is Design Week in Portland and I love that my job allows me to check out some of the most talented artists and designers in our city. Design Week was created to celebrate the vast pool of creatives in the Portland area and includes everything from traditional print design to film, furniture and fashion.

In particular, I was most excited to see ShowPDX 2012.  This collection showcases custom furniture that is beautiful, sometimes functional, but most definitely works of art.

When we arrived, we weren’t sure we were in the right place.  The show is in a huge venue in The Pearl District with the 60 selected pieces scattered through out.  The curator told us that on opening night, they had over 500 people in attendance.  The space looked like it could easily hold that many people, but we were glad to have it mostly to ourselves.

I’ve included links to each piece I’m sharing as many of the artists do other incredible things and often have more details about the piece featured on their site.

Some of my personal favorites from the show include:

Recycled Skateboard Table Lamp by Maple XO

This unique lamp was created from the left over waste of skateboard manufacturing.  I love that they saw a use for these remnants and the beautiful colors make for an amazing product in its own right.

I was particularly excited to see that Grove had created Scrap Squared for the show.  I was first introduced to Grove last year at The Portland Bazaar; they make some stunning protective cases for laptop and iPhone devices.  What I didn’t know was that Grove has also partnered with Maple XO to utilize the skateboard scrap in some of their product line as well.

This sculpture is made from the same skateboard material as the lamp, but with a slightly different execution.  It was light and airy and the texture was outstanding.

One of the things that was clearly apparent in so many of the pieces was the attention to detail.  The materials chosen and placed were very intentional and thought out.

If there is one piece that I could’ve taken home with me it would have to be this Novus Credenza, by Brooks Woodworks.

It was clean and simple and so pretty.

Jason Kentta did more of a unique take on combining materials with Wrench Bench.  It was amazing too.

Malachi Milbourn from Against the Grain Studio created this lovely set for their Milbourn Steampunk Collection.

The meticulous sanding and staining in so many of the pieces was wow… just WOW! The piece that really captured this is The Phoebe Table by Bob Huskey of Saturn Design.

The grain and stain is breathtaking, but the uniqueness of the table is that it can be custom configured to your space.

Each section easily rotates creating a truly one of a kind table.

Mid century modern design is a passion for both Tyson and I, so I was thrilled when I saw The Belmont by Joe Gibson of Revolution Design House.

It’s take on the classic Adirondack was brilliant.  Made from mahogany, aluminum, stainless steel and weatherproof vinyl, I think it’s almost too nice to stick outside.

It wasn’t the only retro representation either.  This custom TurnTABLE by Ariana Budner w/ David Bertman was really fun.

And I would want it in the same room as this Vintage Drum Table by Artisanworks.

Not only has Randy Rooker repurposed a vintage snare drum from the 50’s with an acrylic table top, but the legs are cleverly designed drum sticks.

This Taco Pendant Lamp by Cassie Hibbert Design is both whimsical and ethereal.

Seriously, I could go on and on.  Each of the pieces were interesting and creatively constructed.

If you are in the Portland area, I highly encourage you to check the show out. ShowPDX2012 as a part of Design Week will be going on until 2pm on Saturday, October 13th.  However, the full exhibit will be on display until October 27th.  And for complete details on the Design Week Events, you can view their site here.

On January 10, 2008, Tyson started this blog.  He was just beginning to stick his toe into the Social Media pool and had no idea where it would take him.  He had barely joined Facebook, wasn’t on Twitter and Pinterest was literally unheard of.

Now, almost 5 years later, Social Media is exploding and changing how we communicate with family, friends and colleagues.  And over that time, Tyson has continued to wade deeper into this arena.

Today, not only does he have his own Facebook Page, but you can also find him on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (@tmangelsdorf).  Each of the mediums lends itself to a slightly different type of conversation, but they all are great ways to connect.

And looking back 5 years to Tyson’s first blog post, his philosophy on Social Media is still very much the same.

He wrote:

I feel the need to establish some basic parameters. What’s my bloggy supposed to be about?

In short, it’s about me. Mostly for professional topics as a commercial illustrator and designer to express my true feelings to the world about what I do and what I’m currently working on. The funny thing is—this nagging question remains in my brain: who cares? I mean how self-indulgent is it for me to devote a recurring source of information about… well, uh… me?

The truth is, I follow many friends blogs and find it inspiring. Living life. Conveying ideas. Sharing success. Vetting vulnerabilities. It’s actually magically fantastical in a humanly way and can only be expressed via soulless computers. Three cheers for technology.

Along with the professional commentary that I plan to provide, I cannot separate my work life from the rest of my incredibly rich life of various relationships, responsibilities and curiosities. For those of us who share working relationships between us, it’s time to get to know each other better. For those of us who share personal friendships between us, it’s time to get to know each other better.

So if you’re utilizing some type of social media, let us know so we can connect.  And if you have comments, questions, suggestions or just want to say “hey”, give us a shout out.   We would love to hear from you.

Let’s do this thang!

Dream Big

You never know just what you’re gonna discover when you search Google.  And a few weeks ago when I was looking for a link to the MacUser article, I came across some things about Tyson’s artwork that we didn’t know were on the internet.

The most exciting and unexpected came from a library in Connecticut.  “Dream Big” was the theme selection for the summer reading program at the Hagaman Library and they used Dreamscape as their inspiration for a mural in the children’s department.

Dreamscape by Tyson Mangelsdorf

Beginning with a starry background, families were invited to make their own dreamscape elements for the mural.

Everyone worked together to fill the space with fun and imaginative ideas.

What they ended up with was colorful…

… creative…

… and sometimes down right funny!

The day resulted in a whimsical piece of artwork that beautifully reflects the kids that use the library and was showcased throughout the summer.

Tyson has presented at several schools throughout the years and enjoys encouraging young people in their creative endeavors.  To hear that someone found his work and it helped inspire a morning of art with kids was really neat.

Thank you to the Hagaman Library for the use of the event photos.  We are thrilled that Dreamscape was associated with such a fun event.

One of my very important job duties is making sure that the studio is fully stocked with coffee at all times.  So last week, when I made a quick run to our local grocery store, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the latest art that Tyson had done for the Oregon Lottery was hanging there.  We’ve been anticipating seeing the display, but since it’s a Thanksgiving promotion, we weren’t quite sure when it would launch.

The most challenging part of this project was getting the composition just right.  The design had to accommodate the text and logo placement as well as capturing the relative scale of the turkey, sign and hunter in a way that seemed fairly natural. Working through these elements resulted in several sketches that capture the evolution of this project.

Version 1 – Simple sketch of Turkey causing trouble in the forest:  This step blocked in the relative placement of the text in relation to the other design elements.

Version 2 – Addition of the Hunter:  Another character is added to the campaign and more detail is added to the sketch.

Version 3 – Perplexed: The hunter isn’t sure what he has stumbled on and he’s looking to you for answers. Although this overt idea didn’t make it to the final illustration, bringing the hunter’s arm up still convey’s that surprised energy.

Version 4 – Adjustments: It’s decided to keep the hunter focused on Turkey and further detail is added.

Version 5 – Final Sketch: The perspective on the scene is a little tighter; the sign is lower and the hunter and Turkey are larger since the viewer is closer.  Also the logo has changed and the arch creates a nice effect with background trees.

Tyson was really happy with how the final color render came out.  There is a lot of detail in the leaves, feathers and camouflage; the patterns could’ve gotten overwhelming.  However, it all ended up working well together.

So the latest Oregon Lottery campaign has launched!  If you are out and about in Oregon and come across it, let us know.  We’d love to hear where you spot this mischievous turkey.